About Nick Skeriotis

I was born in Greece on a little island in the Mediterranean Sea called Chios, of immigrant parents who came to the United States in 1967. I was seven years of age.  After learning the language I became a United States citizen in 1974. As a Greek immigrant, I am very grateful for the opportunities America has afforded my family and me. I am especially thankful for the freedom we enjoy in this great land. I am concerned about the direction our government and country is going. I want to get involved and do what I can to preserve the freedoms and opportunities for future generations and us.

The very same problems that are plaguing Greece today as result of poor decisions is what I feel is happening in our government. Tough decisions need to be made or we will walk down the same slippery slope. We must not let that happen.

I'm also a family man. I have been married for 28 years to my wife Gina. We have two beautiful daughters, Gianna, 16 years old and Ivanna, 14. We live in Suffield Township in Portage County.

I graduated from Ellet High School in 1979. During my last year in High School I started working for the City of Akron full time.  While working for the city of Akron, I started S & K Asphalt & Concrete on a part time basis, working evenings and weekends.

In 1989, I resigned from the City of Akron to run S&K Asphalt and Concrete Company full time. S&K Asphalt currently employs 40 people. Let me say I know what business owners face today. Rising costs, excessive taxes and burdensome regulations are doing nothing to promote job growth. Knowing what business owners are facing today I will work to make Ohio more business friendly and to create more opportunities for job growth.

My family and I are members of Maranatha Bible Church and attend there regularly.  I believe in the sanctity of human life and am not supportive of our tax dollars being used to provide abortions.

I want to get involved and do what I can to preserve our freedoms and opportunities we have. It is for those reasons that I intend to run for the office of State Representative in 2014

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